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Mezzo Forte: A Study in Cyan

“Merging drum notation with the patterns of the lighted sticks started with Mezzo Forte. The name is a musical term, in Italian, meaning Moderately Loud. The lower part of the piece has upside down stems, which is used to notate the bass drum. The upper area has X’s as note heads indicating cymbals. Stickings are suggested with R (right) and L (left) plus there are some konnakol syllables from South India.” - Steve Smith

The first work created in the collection was Mezzo Forte. In this Study in Cyan, Smith explores how fusing a drum "pattern" and the "code" of drum notation can organically tell a visual story. Viewers will note the use of blue and purple drum notation laid on top of the burnt sienna and navy blue rhythm.

Measuring 18"x 24" on canvas, there are a total of 50 available Mezzo Forte: A Study in Cyan pieces in the edition. All are numbered and individually signed by Steve Smith and SceneFour. Each ships with Certificate of Authenticity by SceneFour.

• Measures 18" x 24" on canvas
• Only 50 pieces exist
• All numbered and signed by Steve Smith
• Ships with Certificate of Authenticity

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Mezzo Forte:
A Study in Cyan

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