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Strands of Time

“The inner fabric of the drum pattern is evident in this flowing image. My notation is an Indian rhythmic sequence that starts in half-time, moves to double-time and then slows to half-time again.” - Steve Smith

Showcasing a divine palette of blue, lime green and magenta, Strands of Time is a vivid and vibrant study of rhythm, drum notation and color. Abstract in origin, Smith added handwritten notation or "code" to the bottom center of the work to compliment the flowing rhythmic "pattern" featured within the visual.

Measuring 30"x 18" on canvas, there are a total of 40 available Strands of Time in the edition. All are numbered and individually signed by Steve Smith and SceneFour. All ship with Certificates of Authenticity.

• Measures 30" x 18" on canvas
• Only 40 pieces exist
• All numbered and signed by Steve Smith
• Ships with Certificate of Authenticity

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Strands of Time


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