"Patterns occur in nature and Codes are manmade forms of communication. Patterns in nature include spirals, waves, symmetries, tessellations, fractals and more. Manmade codes include spoken language, written language, mathematical symbols, music notation and more. When I play music, I am involved in using both Patterns & Codes."
-Steve Smith

After five decades of rhythmic mastery, Steve Smith has set an unquestionable and enviable standard in drum performance in both rock and jazz formats. It should be no surprise that he is also one of the pioneering drummers behind the Rhythmic Expressionist movement in fine art over the last decade.

On March 28, 2024, Steve Smith returns with his second full scale art collection titled Patterns & Codes. An impressive fusion of rhythm-made visuals and hand notation on canvas, the works featured in this new offering are some of the most sophisticated visuals created in the medium to date.

Get exclusive details on the upcoming release of Patterns & Codes, as well as the opportunity to preview the works of art before the public unveiling.